GU-INS Firmware UPDATE Version Instructions

GU-INS Firmware UPDATE Version 1.4


1. Better compatibility with various ESC on the market in addition to
GAUI ESC, Hobby Wing ESC, etc….

GU-INS Firmware UPDATE Version 1.3.1


1. Automatically detects if GA-608 Hexa & Octo Adapter (for GU-INS) is connected;
if it is, GU-INS is in Hexa/Octo copter control mode,
if not, GU-INS is in Quad control mode.

2. Better compatibility between motors and ESCs variations.

3. Prior to flights, examination of system status. When just powering on multi-rotor (500X, 540H etc…),
the GU-INS MODE LED light will turn RED first (and one can hear beep-beep sound from motors).
Pick-up the multi-rotor in your hand and wobble it in the air (all three axis must be detected by sensor).
Sensors inside the GU-INS mounted on the multi-rotor will sense the attitude motions and will change to GREEN LED light
(motor will sound ready beeping sound),
this will indicate GU-INS system is ready and the Multi-Rotor is ready for flight.

*Note: If after the above step, there is no reaction and the MODE light remains RED.
Please disconnect power and restart the system repeat above step again.

4. About Gimbal calibration procedure (step 9, 11, 13, 15, GU-INS Manual) having to press the SET button for setting confirmation.
Users can use the RADIO CONTROL Transmitter’s GO HOME switch to accomplish the same confirmation by flipping the GO HOME switch ON and OFF

*This is to avoid the shaking caused when pressing down on the SET button on GU-INS (note the original set button function still exist).

5. When updating the firmware (USB connection between GU-INS and computer and executing the update firmware), the MODE light will turn OFF,
when Firmware update is completed, the MODE light will flash then stay RED
(this red MODE LED light indicate system update is complete and is in self diagnostic mode,
please refer to Improvement point 3 above for the status light meaning and what to do next).

GU-INS FIRMWARE upgrade problem / Solution

Product: GU-INS

Issue: GU-INS FIRMWARE upgrade problem

What to do when your PC or NB does not download the USB driver automatically when connecting GU-INS to USB port of your computer as described in page 24 of GU-INS manual.

*Note: If your computer does not recognize GU-INS connected thru USB port

Please check in your Computer Device manager if there is an Yellow exclamation sign beside your USB device.

To open Device Manager, click Start, click Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, double-click Computer Management, and then click Device Manager.

There should be an YELLOW SIGN (Triangle with an exclamation) beside the USB device that is not installed correctly.

To re-install the USB driver for this device

Open Device Manager.
After finding the hardware you’re updating drivers for, right click on the hardware’s name or icon and choose Properties. In this Properties window, click the Driver tab.
Click Update Driver….
Note: The Update Driver Software wizard will begin.

Click search for driver automatically/download from internet.
The Update Driver Software wizard will search the internet for the USB driver.

P.S. There is no specific USB driver for GU-INS, use generic driver provided by Windows Update Driver Software wizard search

Note: If the above process does not work.

Un-install the device and restart the above process again to re-install the USB device driver.

GU-INS ESC solution

When high end servos and other FPV equipments are installed on the 500X, they are capable of placing large demands on the power systems in use.
You must provide extra power for the camera gimbal/FPV devices follow the instructions listed below.

1) Unplug all the positive pole wires (Red) from the 4 ESCs.

1) Unplug all the positive pole wires (Red) from the 4 ESCs.
2) Choose one plug from the camera gimbal servos, make a Y-wire for connecting to battery (5V~6V) or BEC as illustrated.

2) Choose
When using a BEC you must ensure that the BEC is capable of delivering the current demands of the equipment you have installed. In addition to this, make sure the wiring and switch you have selected are capable of handling high current draws. Always ensure the extra battery is fully charged before each flight.