Solution for the erratic reaction (glitch) of 330X-S

Cause: The vibration frequency of the flyer will interfere with the gyro ‘s gain.

Solution :
(1) Please check the flyer ‘s screw is tight enough.
If the screw are slack, please tighten the screws.
(2) If you can’t find out the reason , (all screws tighten, no problem).
please change other way to stabilize the GU-344
(Photo 1).

A. please reduce the vibration absorbing sponge (from 4 to 3).
B. Stick a coin in the bottom of GU-344, to add weight to the GU-344.
(This will reduce vibration)
•Attention : The thickness of the coin should not be more then the sponge
( Photo 2 ).


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