225012-540H Combo Kit A-540H Combo Kit A

540H Combo Kit A


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♦Diagonal wheelbase: 540mm
Total weight: 1150 ±3% (kit with canopy,w/o all electronics, blades and batteries.)
♦Maximum takeoff weight: 2500g
♦Flying duration: 5~15 minutes
Depending on weather condition,battery capacity, payload and flying style


540H Basic Kit x 1set

225419-GUEC GM-415 Brushless Motor (800KV)
♦GM-415 Brushless Motor (800KV) x 6pcs
Magnetic pole :14
Motor Wire :200mm
Motor KV :800KV

No-Load Performance:(Test Conditions DC20V30A)
1. Voltage: DC 11.1V
2. Current: ≤0.8A
3. RPM: ≥9000±5% RPM

Load Performance: (Test Conditions DC50V150A)
1. Voltage: DC 14.8V
2. Current: ≤ 10A(Full throttle)
3. RPM: ≥9300 RPM
4. Thrust: ≥800g
5. Props type: 0845
(GUEC GE-183) 18A (for BL Motor)
♦GE-183 ESC 18A x 6pcs
Cont.Current: 18A
BurstCurrent(>10s): 22A
Lipo Cells: 2-3
UserProgramm-able: Available
Weight: 21g
10 in. Props.(10A and 10B) 1set
♦10 in. Props x 1set
Pitch: 4.5
Color: Black
Diameter : 25.5cm
Prop hub hole diameter : 5mm
Prop hub thickness : 6.75mm
Weight: approx.: 10.4g (each)

Required for operation:

BATTERY: 11.1V ( 3S LiPo)
Transmitter(7-channel or more)
Receiver(7-channel or more)

540H Instruction Manual

Assembly of GAUI MRT 540H

Gaui 540H aerial video