840H-Folding Landing Gear (Transformers)

840H CF Central Frames(Transformers)


Listing Date:  2014/06/25
Recommended accessories for 840H Upgrade

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Product Description

MRT DM-EN_226085

Adopted for varies models, such as the Hexa-rotor Y type, Quad-rotor X type, Octo-rotor X type
Hexa-rotor V type, Octo-rotor V type.

CF Central Frames dimension: 285mm x 285mm

840H-2mm840H CF Central Frames A (Transformers) x1
840H-2mm 840H CF Central Frames B (Transformers) x1
840H-2mm840H CF Central Frames C (Transformers) x1
posts (P3x8x10) (Anodized Silver) x2
840H posts -PM3x5x26.4(Anodized Black) x14
M3x6 Socket Head Button Screw – Black x28
M3x16 Socket Head Button Screw – Black x2
840H CF Central Frames(Transformers) illustration

840H owner, upgrade to Transformers can be used with the following kit:

840H CF Central Frames(Transformers) (226085)