CRANE H3 BL Gimbal for GoPro Hero3 (no controller)

CRANE H3 BL Gimbal for GoPro Hero3 (no controller)


This Brushless Motors two–axis gimbal DOES NOT INCLUDE 2-axis BL gimbal controller &amp, gyro sensor.
You much purchase 2-axis Brushless motor Gimbal Controller &amp, Sensor separately.
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Product Description



* CRANE series camera gimbal are specifically designed and suitable for various aerial
photography, FPV activities.
* 2013 Q4, CRANE for GoPro Hero3 use CNC technic and high grade 7075 aluminium to
customize a Brushless motor camera gimbal for Hero3.
* Exclusive aluminum alloy structure, focusing on lightweight, low-key sense of luxury and
high-strength engineering design.
* Gimbal Controller with exclusive and simple setup screen.
* Half hidden cable storage for a clean look.
* Dual-axis tilt control steering system.
* Exclusive design for Hero 3, No interference
with the output connection.
* Pitch axis fine-tuning design, precision
fine-tuning of the pitch center.
* High precision direct drive brushless motor
control, perfect control of the filming process.
* Supports GoPro Hero 3 remote startup & video
transmission (requires external video  transmission functions).

CRANE H3 Instruction Manual CRANE H3 Firmware