924050-50A-Multi-Rotor-50A ESC

Multi-Rotor-50A ESC


Suitable for Over 650 Class Quadcopter / MRT 950Q / 1300O Series

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Product Description


1.1 Special core program for multi-rotor controllers greatly improves throttle response.
1.2 Specially optimized software for excellent compatibility with disc-type motors.
1.3 All settings except the timing are preset, making usage simple, highly intelligent and adaptive.
1.4 The twisted-pair design of the throttle signal cable effectively reduces the crosstalk produced in signal
transmission and makes flight more stable.
1.5 Compatible with various flight-control systems and supports a signal frequency of up to 621Hz
(Note: all throttle signals over 500Hz are non-standard signals) .
1.6 Special drive chip has much better MOSFET driving effect than common driving circuit consisted of discrete components.
1.7 MOSFET with extra-low resistance brings high performance and great current endurance.
1.8 The high-light LEDs save the trouble of mounting any extra color light on multi-rotors.
1.9 The dip switches at the bottom of the ESC control the ON/OFF status, color of the LED light, timing, and the motor rotation.

Typical Applications(For reference):

Over 650 Class Quadcopter / MRT 950Q / 1300O Series


Peak Current
BEC LiPo Programmable Item Weight Size Typical Applications*
(For reference)
50A 70A NO 2-6S Timing(High/Intermediate) 46g 48 x 30 x 15.5 Over 650 Class
LED (On/Off)
LED Color (Red/Green)
Motor Rotation(CW/CCW)

Note: The “Typical Application” in the above form only refers to quadcopter (with 4 motors). When the ESCs are installed on multi-Rotors with 6/8/16 motors, the applicable axle distance can be larger than the value listed in the above form.